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I teach a mixture of beautiful, feminine Yoga Rhythm routines choreographed to music (created by Charli Van Ness (Sales) .  Strong, energetic Vinyasa and Power yoga with an Ashtanga flair, and nourishing, gentle Hatha yoga.  I use yoga to manage sciatica and it works wonders for my mood and energy levels. I can really feel the difference in myself when I do not practise enough. I am here to share all that I am learning with others who need it as much as I do.  I have to constantly remind myself that yoga is a journey, not a destination.  Yoga can be athletic, and there are some incredible yogis that can do fantastic things with their bodies.  Along with this, yoga has many other benefits.  If you would like to be flexible you can improve flexibility.  If you would like to feel stronger, you can gain strength. If you are recovering from injuries, it will give you hope, and can create calm and serenity.  I believe that I have much to give and share, so contact me and come to class or book a 1:1 :) xxx

Meditating on a mountain in Italy
Yoga flash mob!
Me with my beautiful daugher
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To share fun, nourishing yoga classes with people who want to feel happier, healthier, more flexible and energetic, encouraging a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


To continue to learn and grow, as a teacher and a student.  To share all that I am learning with those that need it.  To teach classes and 1:1, to enjoy the benefits of yoga in class, and hopefully inspire people to take the teachings and apply it to their lives.

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